AR Corporate Station is very concern about the quality of eye wash station. That’s why we have introduced European Standard Eye washer to you with international certification.


Pedal Type Eye Washer SS

Brand: UniCare

Model: LSES2 CSS 304

County: India

  • Complete Stainless Steel Body 304
  •  High-grade Stainless Steel Atomizer Head & Receptor Bowl.
  • Long-Lasting Stainless Steel atomizer Head & Receptor Bowl.
  • Protective Flip-Flop Dust covers.
  • Protect from alkalies, salt solutions, oils, most acids, and fire.
  • Working with Minimum 2KG or 30 PSI water pressure.
  • Safe, steady water flow. ½” BPS Supply
  • Foot/Pedal Operated System.


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