Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet


Brand Sysbel
Material Galvanized steel
Alarm System Active with flash
Door Double/manual
Cylinder 2, 3
Blower With air blower

Without air blower

Colour Gray
Certified CE, OSHA, NFPA



AR Corporate Station is Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet supplier in Bangladesh. We are always beside our clients to fulfil their demands in every possible way. We are ready to give you 24 hours service.

The system with a gas leak detector, automatic alarm, and fan, which have an explosion-proof function, prevent effectively the risk of accidental gas leakage and provides a reliable solution for the storage of cylinders

  • Constructed of durable, 1.2mm galvanized steel with tough powder-coat paint to provide excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Equipped with explosion-proof windows on the door, making it convenient to observe.
  • Pass holes set on the side ensure well ventilation.
  • 4.2-point manual latch with keyed lock prevents unauthorized access.
  • Adopted stationery chain to keep cylinders standing vertically.
  • A sturdy, foldable pedal on the bottom helps to load and unload easily.
  • 7. Combustible gas detector system has certification with  ExdⅡ CT6 and IP65.
  • Alarm device will be activated flashlight and buzzer once the system detects leakage of gas.
  • Two air-exhaust systems are optional. One equips with a fan and leakage is expelled externally to reduce gas concentration inside. The other provides a port for connecting the main exhaust system and cabinet.


Our Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets are widely used in automotive manufacturing, petrochemical, industrial manufacturing, laboratory, food industry, power industry, new energy and other fields.


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